Tom Rancich in AfghanistanTemporary holding spot for stuff related to Tom Rancich (aka "Tom the SEAL") who has been hanging out at Suzanne Brockmann's board and sharing his experiences and philosophy with the gang there.

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Articles about Tom

Unfortunately, the MV Times removed their article archives. We recovered what we could find and reprinted the articles here. And in the process of seeking them out, we happened on a few more ... ;)

Emergency Film GroupEmergency Film Group - Emergency Film Group - Names Tom as a Technical Committee member and gives his credentials.

Terrorist Predictions Before USS Cole - Baltimore Sun, 2001 - Post-Cole article talks about predictions and recommendations by Rancich that were ignored.

Battling TerrorismBattling Terrorism - Syracuse University Magazine, June 2001 - Picture of Tom (class of '84) and brief article.

West Tisbury SEAL Discusses His Career and His Mission In An E-mail Interview - The Martha's Vineyard Times, April 17, 2003 - Lt. Cmdr. Rancich answered questions from the local paper's news editor while serving in the Middle East.

Tom Rancich Comes Home - The Martha's Vineyard Times, October 16, 2003 - Interview with Tom after his return from Iraq and Afghanistan discusses the differences between civilian and military life.

A mother's faith stays strong through war - Hyde Park Townsman, June 3, 2004 - Tom's mother talks about having a son who is a SEAL.

Search for SSA chief already has two contenders - The Martha's Vineyard Times, October 7, 2004 - Tom Rancich was being considered for a position as General Manager of the Steamship Authority; article discusses his experience and why he was being supported for the position.

Sail MV hires director, honors friendsSail MV hires director, honors friends - The Martha's Vineyard Times, April 7, 2005 - Tom Rancich is welcomed as the new executive director of Sail MV, with talk of his plans for the organization. Pictures the man in a casual suit. Also describes the rest of the occasion -- should I delete that part?

July launch planned for Vineyard Voyagers rowing craftJuly launch planned for Vineyard Voyagers rowing craft - The Martha's Vineyard Times, May 19, 2005 - Building wooden boats for youth

Bronze Star to ex-resident of Red Hook - Daily Freeman, May 23, 2005 - Interview with Tom Rancich talks about his reasons for joining the service and describes the actions for which he was awarded a Bronze Star.

Sail MV annual dinner and auction is a success - The Martha's Vineyard Times, July 14, 2005 - Tom reports on plans and status of Sail MV

Sail MV plans Vineyard Cup Race and Seafaring Festival WeekendSail MV plans Vineyard Cup Race and Seafaring Festival Weekend - The Martha's Vineyard Times, March 9, 2006 - Tom announces the upcoming race weekend at a Sail MV board meeting. The pink shirt picture.

Articles by Tom

Combating Terrorism - Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, November 2000 - Pre-Cole, Pre-9/11 article on the nature of terrorism and how to defeat terrorists.

A debt of memory to brothers and sisters, gratefully paid - The Martha's Vineyard Times, May 26, 2005 - Memorial Day thoughts

Suz BB Archives

Archives of SEAL-related topics from Suzanne Brockmann's BB. Some archives are at McDonna's, others at Rana Royale. Once inside an archive, you can use CTRL-F (Windows) or Apple-F (Mac) to search for topics.

Aug 30-31 and Sep 9, 2005 - BUDS, blood chits, Bronze Star, call signs, E&E kit (evasion & escape), gator on foot, gear - first, second & third lines, Grand Omnipotent Stomper (GOS), leaving hostages behind, Magnum, mission, parachutes, Secretary Rumsfeld, Two-Ton Tilly and Way-Wide Wanda, underwear, ziplocs

Aug 31 - Sep 19, 2005 - A-N: Admiral bedside visit, Afghanistan raid, airport security, bedtime story (freefall school), Ben Little SEAL book, bio, BUD/s, Brits in Gulf, building a team, care package, cigars, cluster f*ck, coalition, combat naps, combat photo, cow incident, consulting, dog in backyard story, don't ask/don't tell, drinking w/Brits on Dominica story, drug policy, education, etiquette, frog hogs, fuel air explosives, GI Jane, goat f*ck, Hafai, Israel (man impersonating Tom story), helicopter crash, Hell Week, hot tub, hover shoes, icecream suit, "ignore the terrorist" strategy, Iraq, Israel, leadership, making us think, Manchineel Tree, Marcinko, mass consciousness, monkeys,

O-Z: Oprah (Tom's books), Pentagon papers, Poles, promotion, project management, Puerta, Honduras story, quicksand, photograhy, private security contractors in New Orleans, quick one--MOOG (bananas), RAMBO, red dress, retirement, rugby parties, Scotch whiskey, SEAL museum, SEAL wife, security consulting, self defense, SERE, senior chiefs, Sharpes TV episodes, SOF (Special Operations Forces), shock treatment, sonar ping, South American moped story, special forces, stealth walking, surf torture, Team 4, Team Three, television, terrorism (very long thread), think tank, toys, transition from SEAL to civilian (Lost Traumatic Stress Syndrome), WWASD (What Would a SEAL Do), weapon, where born, women in the teams, worst weather at sea, ziplocs, Zulu

Sep 5 - Sep 20, 2005 - [Rana Royale] Afghanistan raid, BUD/s, Brits in Gulf, care package, cluster f*ck, coalition, consulting, dog in backyard story, don't ask/don't tell, drinking w/Brits on Dominica story, drug policy, education, etiquette, frog hogs, GI Jane, goat fu*k, Hafai, Israel (man impersonating Tom story), Hell Week, hot tub, "ignore the terrorist" strategy, Iraq, leadership, Marcinko, Newport, RI, Poles, promotion, Puerta, Honduras story, retirement, SEAL museum, SEAL wife, SERE, SOF (Special Operations Forces), senior chiefs, Sharpes TV episodes, South American moped story, terrorism (very long thread), WWASD (What Would A Seal Do), weapon, where born

Sep 21 - Sep 29, 2005 - BDUs, bodyrev for women, breachers, citizens & concepts, Commandos (book), "courage is", courses of action (COAs), critical virtue of Founders, Dick Couch, dolphins, drinking, education, Frog Hog, government reform, intel, Iraq, jail, legislature, "man" questions, Marcinko, Navy think tank, nipple piercing story, Patriot Act II, personal satisfaction professionally, physical fitness, point man, right/wrong factor (for an op), truth serum, VA (Veteran Affairs), Vietnam Vets, WWSD [What Would A SEAL Do?], Waller (author), white SEALs: why?, Wounded Bear strategies

Sep 30 - Oct 6, 2005 - "all about love" discussion, Alphabet soup, asleep in class (pre-SEAL ensign Rancich), BUD/S, Commandos (book), Constitution, debrief, Emily Post: wardrobe on board, enlisted men, First Gulf War, Homeland security, Honduras, Puerta Castilla, retired SEALs, scuba, SEALs as parents, SEALs & psych., subs, swim and water op ?

Oct 6 - 12, 2005 - all women SOF, Bin Laden, Black Hawk Down, Bolivia (story), equipment, fishing, gear, Guantanamo Bay, how others view SEALs, Iraq, jumping out aircraft, media exposure, no airconditioning (prisoner ?), Osprey Helo's, Polish GROM, Riberalta (story), shooting ?, target audience (Tom's bk.), underwater demolition pictures

Oct 13 - 31, 2005 - arcade games (improve shooting), CRT (Combined Reconaissance Team), call signs, EOD, explosives story - "we are disposing", fear of flying, honor U.S. military, Happy Birthday McDonna (w/Drink Drink Drink ditty), Hell Week, Iraq, Melted Bunny story, mind melding, Navy uniforms, on patrol: a picture quiz, parapet, semester at sea, So Sorry Day, spammer snipers, squirters, Tom pictures, UDT, visualization

Nov 2 - 9, 2005 - "For the Courage of the Founders" (Tom's book), infrared reflectors, Linda's cover for Book II, random name generation for ops, rocket-propelled grenade, torture issue

Nov 4 - 5, 2005 - bugs biting, trading with locals, gifts for local kids, why you might not want to send kid stuff to troops

Nov 8 - 19, 2005 - "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda", Command Master Chief, GOS Day (Grand Omnipotent Stomper), History Channel story (POWs), honor Tom on Veteran's Day (w/pictures), naming your website (CATSNF), real SEAL joke (story), rugby, SEALs on ship (black shorts/sox picture), ST-4 Delta Platoon, Riberalta, Bolivia (picture), threat condition Alpha, US weapons in Iraq: reliability

Nov 22 - Dec 15, 2005 - airborne (an Army/Navy party), blowing stuff up, capt'ns license, DNA & al-Qaida, deployment: how to avoid, Girl Scout incident, hygiene during ops, Iraq, leadership, "listening to your instincts", Miami Airport incident, military families, Off-Shore, officer shortages in Navy, Red Cross, Royal Marines, SOCOM, seafaring library, strategic parameters, terrorism, terrorist manipulation

Dec 19 - 30, 2005 - Afghan naked fire mission call, Chapter 13, Christmas story, fruitcake, helicopter research, land mines, lean and rest, staff position

Jan 3 - 18, 2006 - anti-terrorism Q, bomb disposal, Bronze Star Award, caves in Afghanistan, Commanding General of the JSOTF, D-Days in the Pacific, formal "dining in" story, 1/2 fish 1/2 nuts - the frogman, surpressor, team (Building a team: from September 9th, 2005), UDT Life vests

Jan 20 - Feb 3, 2006 - Bin Laden, board meetings, bonfire dancing, CINC, Dane-geld poem, EOD, Hamas winning, life jacket, man-over-board, Masters swim, Navy dress uniforms, neck surgery, ordnance, public speaking & stress, Red Cross donating, staff position, Tiger Woods

Feb 7 - 15, 2006 - Airborne Froggy, bars in Virginia Beach, cadence, Chapter 14, difference btwn Green Beret's and SEAL's, interrogation, last night's lawlessness, Logic Puzzle: bellboy tip story, martini, put a face to the name :), rugby, SEALs in Vietnam, T is for Trouble, witch doctor, who is Tom?, "you be the bear", young new guy (on Teams)

Feb 15 - 27, 2006 - Bliss and Wanda's Special F*A*rces school, books w/military heroes, China, does money alone make a country [] powerful?, joining a new company, my morning (McDonna's locked out!), Political Science question, ports & security, question (China invades Taiwan), resume, Um Tom (anti-elephant capsule), what would you take (to a desert island), why men report more sex partners than women

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Suz BB Acronyms

Thanks to Lilly, Frankie, Melodie, Mirm and countless others from the board. You know who you are. ;) See also the acronym links below.

BIL - brother-in-law
MIL - mother-in-law
FIL - father-in-law
SIL - sister-in-law or son-in-law

BIP - Blow up In Place - Brenda's dream

CM - Charlie Mike - Continue Mission (Alden's favorite!)

DH - dear husband - may involve sarcasm... or be interpreted as dumb husband, drunk husband, dull husband, disinterested husband or the more esteemed devoted husband depending on context
DD - dear daughter
DS - dear sister
and so on

MOOG - Mind Out Of Gutter
MIG - Mind In Gutter (less common)

n/t - No Text in the message body, all said in the subject line; you don't have to click on the link to see more.

names for Tom - Magnum, GOS (Grand Omnipotent Stomper), SuperT, LTCDR, (Way Wide) Wanda

OT - Off Topic (which refers to anything NOT connected with Suz or SEALS)

TEAS - The Evil Author Suz

WWASD - What Would A SEAL Do

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